Akron Sail and Power Squadron - Advanced Marine Navigation

The United States Power Squadron is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the skills of its members.   Courses are taught by volunteer members of local Squadrons.  Akron Sail and Power Squadron offers a variety of courses, including the Advanced Piloting Class.  Other class schedules can be found at its web site, www.akronpowersquadron.com.

The USPS Advanced Marine Navigation (AMN) Course, previously known as "Advanced Piloting," was developed by volunteer members of USPS.   Some materials on this web site are copyrighted by USPS.
Click below to download the course syllabus for Fall 2022.

Marine Navigation Highlights -- Click on button to review important background from MN Class.   This includes a Power Point tutorial on using the USPS Course Plotter
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AMN Homework - Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
Class exercise 3-1 - Running Fix  (p 34)
Step-by-step process for plotting a Running Fix,  Exercise 3-1, p 34
Introduction to AMN -  What to expect from the AMN Class   (Promotional material)
USPS Web site - AMN Material / Downloads
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The AMN Course builds on the skills that students developed in the Marine Navigation (MN) Course, which is given every spring.  If you have not taken MN, but are experienced with charting and navigation, contact the instructor to see if you should take AMN.
AMN Homework - Chapter 3
Download Free NOAA Charts of US Coast and Great Lakes

AMN Exercise - Chapter 4-1 (p 46)
AMN Exercise - Chapter 4-2 (p 48)
AMN Exercise - Chapter 4-3 (p 49)
AMN Exercise - Chapter 5-1 (p 57)
AMN - Optimizing Sailing - Ch 5

AMN Exercise - Chapter 4-4 (p 52)
AMN Cruise
Homework and exercises - Chapter 7

"Tides 101" - 

Homework and exercises - Chapter 8

Homework and exercises - Chapter 9

Bowditch Bay Chart
Tutorial on Deviation and Interpolation