Akron Sail and Power Squadron Offers Top-Notch Training

When you want boating education from certified instructors, we offer several types of training to meet your needs. You can dive deep with 8-10 week courses, get your feet wet with 2-hour seminars and workshops, or take the helm with our JUMP START on the water boating instruction led by certified volunteer instructors who are boaters just like you. ASPS offers instruction tailored to the needs of local boaters
“I signed up to take courses from Akron Sail and Power Squadron in 1986. Over the years, the squadron and our boat became a way of life. Thank you for 30 great boating years.”

–  Brian Logan

Dive Deep With Courses

Beginner, intermediate or advanced—whatever your skill level, we have in-depth courses to boost your knowledge and confidence on the water. Our courses will prepare you to boat safely whether you’re near shore or out on the deep blue. Courses take anywhere from 8 - 10  weeks.
Get Your Feet Wet With Seminars and Workshops

Round out your knowledge or discover something new by taking a brief seminar led by experienced volunteer instructors. Running about two hours, our focused seminars provide a thorough overview on a variety of subjects.

Take the Helm With Jump Start

Feel more confident and look more confident handling your boat. Our hands-on training program helps you develop handling skills and techniques that last a lifetime. Our experienced, certified instructors combine classroom learning with on-the-water coaching. That means with technical education plus real-world techniques, you get onto the water and into fun, safer and faster!

Paddle Sports - On-The-Water Training for Kayaks and Paddle Boards

Each summer, we schedule six on-the-water PaddleSmart® Seminars.  Spend one hour in the classroom, then two hours of on-the-water instruction.  Use our kayaks and paddleboards - or bring your own!