Anchoring is a great way to enjoy your boat without the hassle of making marina reservations or paying dockage fees.  

Akron Power Squadron is planning a number of "Anchor - Outs" in 2010 to allow you to experience anchoring and the camaradarie with your fellow boaters.

These will probably be on a Saturday night, depending on the forecasted weather and wind direction. The key factors on whether we go will be the weather – we don’t like to anchor in storms!

Here are the tentative dates (usually Saturdays).  If the weather is bad, we won't go...

- June 19     - June 26
- July 24      - Aug 7
- Aug 21

Depending on the weather and wind direction, the “favored” anchorages are described on the buttons at the left.


We’ll send out a blanket e-mail on Wed night – based on the long term forecast.   This should say whether there is the possibility of an anchor-out or not, based on the forecast that night.

On Friday night, we'll make a recorded message, to see if it’s a “go” or “no go” and find out the “location”.  On Saturday, make sure to monitor NOAA weather for last minute marine warnings.  The skipper is always responsible for the safety of his or her vessel.

When you get to the anchorage, hail us on Channel 68 to find other APS boats.

Remember, no matter how “nice” it seems ahead of time, when anchored you always want to be vigilant and have a “Plan B” – for instance, you could duck into Seaway Marina if you’ve planned to anchor off Kelley’s Island.

ASPS Anchorage Site

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In 2010, we scheduled several "Anchor Outs," hoping to take advantage if the weather was good.

Unfortunately, weather was not fgood for most of these dates - we did have one nice evening with four boats in Kelley's North Bay.

However, it was hard to plan months ahead, so we haven't continued with "Anchor outs". 

However,  information on anchorages is helpful, so we keep this site.  Note that conditions may have changed in the ten years since this website, so the prudent skipper should check other sources for additional information.