Fish Point (#1) is one of the most delightful anchorages on Lake Erie.  It is extremely remote, located off the Fish Point Nature Preserve.   There is sandy bottom here and generally good holding, but make sure your anchor is well set.  I have anchored here 4-5 times, but haven't been there in the last 10 years.

A sand bar extends southeast from the island, and offers great protection from West or North winds.  Be careful - the tip sand bar extends quite a distance towards the east.  Don't run aground.

I have anchored on the east side of the point, with 20 kts of wind from the West.  The sand bar kept the water like glass, while the breeze kept us cool and kept the bugs away.  The shore along here is a sandy beach.

You can also anchor for a lunch stop, by pointing your boat to the north, dropping an anchor off the bow, and backing toward the sand bar until you are in shallow water and can step off the stern.  I wouldn't do this at night, though.

Don't anchor overnight if you expect winds out of the south -- you'll have a sleepless night.

If the winds are out of the east, sail around Fish Point and anchor on the West side of the sand bar.  However, be on the look out for fish nets and stakes on the West side of Pelee.

You can go ashore to explore the Nature Preserve, or to picnic on the beach.  The currents around the tip can be tricky, so if you want to swim, do so further away from the tip.

You must clear Canadian Customs before anchoring in Canadian waters, including Pelee Island.  Unless things have changed in the last two years, you cannot clear customs unless you are at a Customs Port of Entry.  These days, that would be Scudder's Marina or West Dock.   On the other hand, if you've already cleared in Leamington or somewhere else, this is a great opportunity to stop for the night.

I have seen boats anchored to the east and west of Scudder's (#2), but have never anchored overnight.  I've anchored for a couple hours and found a sand bottom, so it is probably OK.

There are no landmarks for anchor bearings near Fish Point, although you might be able to see the Red flashing light on Gull Island Shoal , 4 miles to the South.  Instead, use your GPS anchor alarm.  If you anchor on the north side, by Scudders, you should be able to see the lights at the marina entrance or breakwall.

There are many things to see on Pelee.  Click on the gold link below ("More on Pelee...") for more info

Pelee Island Anchorages
Fish Point is a beautiful anchorage at the southern tip of Pelee Island.  There is sandy bottom here and generally good holding, but make sure your anchor is well set. 

People also anchor on the North Side of Pelee, to the east or west of Scudder's Marina.
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1 - Fish Point anchorage
2 - Scudder's Marina
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4 - Restored Historic Lighthouse
5 - West Dock (Down town)
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