This area is covered in the Chartlet 14842, "Islands in Lake Erie".

I have anchored overnight only once at Middle Bass, on the west side of the island (#1 in the chart above).  The holding was good, the anchor set easily, it seemed to be a sandy bottom.  The anchorage was very comfortable in an Easterly wind.   It also looks protected in anything north or NE.

There are several good landmarks for anchor bearings.  To the South is Perry's Monument and R"2", flashing every 4 seconds, off South Bass's Peach Orchard Point.  I think there is also a light by the marina on Rattlesnake, to the west, but it's not on the charts.

The anchorage is opposite private homes and beaches.  However, there is clearing and a public access beach on the shore, right across from the State Marina (#2), just north of Walleye's.  You don't usually see people swimming here, though.  Dinghy ashore here, and it's a short walk to Walleye's or across the road to visit the marina.  It's also not too far to go to Hazard's (#6) or to the Ferry Dock (#8).

This beach is also near a permanent, clean, Park Outhouse -- in case you get the urge.  And I understand that the State Park Marina will have real flush toilets (of the trailer variety) this year.  No reason why you can't walk over and see if they're open.

Another good anchorage is "School House Bay", #3 on the chart.   I've anchored here several times in the daytime, but never overnight.  Bottom was good holding.  There is a new airport that runs East-West (around the top of the "E" in "MIDDLE" on the chart).  I wouldn't anchor in too close, especially if I had a tall mast.

This area is well protected from the North and West.  

If you want to go ashore, your best bet is to head down to the State Park Marina, nearly a mile away.

I've heard of people who have anchored between Sugar Island and Middle Bass, #4 in the chart above.  If you want to try, stay away from the entrance to Burgundy Bay marina to avoid any boat traffic. Also, don't try to go between Sugar and Middle Bass - it is very shallow!

A final anchorage is off Fraser Beach, #5 above.  Akron's Past Commander, Craig Fraser, SN, has his family home here, and says the bottom is sandy and good holding.

Things of interest on Middle Bass Island:

- Hazards (#6) is a "Carribean Style" resort, with a bar,  restaurant, and pool.  Visitors can buy a drink and enjoy the pool.  They also offer lodging in condo or small trailer/cabins.  

- JF Walleye's (#7) is a restaurant/bar with a nice patio and good food.  

- The Sonny S ferry docks at #8 above and runs to the Boardwalk on Put-In-Bay every hour on Fri and Saturday, and less frequently the rest of the week.  

- Near the ferry dock is the old Lonz Winery, which is closed and part of the State's land on the island.  There is also an old boat house cut into the rock to the east of the docks.  The area has been restored and, the last time I was on the island, you could explore it.

- Bike around the island to see the homes, buildings, cemetery, and scenery.  There are a number of homes build around a grass airstrip on the north east part of the island.


Middle Bass Island
Middle Bass has several anchorages.  They don't seem to be very crowded
1 - West side anchorage
2 - New State Park Marina
3 - School House Bay anchorage
4 - Anchorage near Sugar Island
5 - Fraser Beach area
6 - Hazard's
7 - Walleye's
8 - Ferry Dock
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