Friday Harbor
If it's Friday, it must be Friday Harbor !

By coincidence, the last stop on our cruise was Friday Harbor, the largest city on San Juan Island, and the largest in the San Juan Island Chain.

The town overlooks the harbor, and is a short walk (uphill) from the docks.  Friday has a large marina, and is a major Ferryboat terminal.

Pacific Northwest Ferry Boat.  Like the freighters we encounter on the Great Lakes, they are big and they are fast !
Ferry dock at Friday Harbor.  Most of the recreational docks are to the left of this photo.
One of our boats coming into Friday Harbor
A ramp leads from the docks to the marina and ferry terminal office
Above:  Typical building in the quaint town of Friday Harbor

Below:  Setting up for the banquet at the fairgrounds
Since Friday was only about 10 miles from Roche Harbor, we were able to arrive early afternoon and explore the town. 

Many of the buildings dated from its days as a major fishing port, but now were trendy shops, art galleries, bars, and at least one microbrewery.  We were a one-day "shot in the arm" for the local economy!

A banquet was planned for that night.  It turns out that there are no restaurants large enough for the 200 people attending, so our ingenious cruise committee rented a building at the fairgrounds.  (It cleaned up nicely !)

Earlier that morning, before we left Roche Harbor, Trudy Brown, one of our hosts, copied everyone's digital photos and prepared a slide show for entertainment.

What a great way to wrap up a scenic  cruising vacation !

Top Row, Standing, Left to Right: P/R/C “Mac” McDonald, JN (South Hills);  D/Lt/C Doug Sewell, SN (Berea); P/R/C Dan Stein, SN (Berea); P/C Tom Glassell, AP (Rocky River); P/Lt/C Joe Sudomir, SN (Akron); P/D/C Bob Brandenstein, SN (Pittsburgh); P/C Tom Butler, AP (Berea); P/C Ronny Eriksson, SN (Berea); P/C Jane Brandenstein, JN (Pittsburgh);  Cdr Bill Spencer, AP (Berea); P/D/C Marion Sewell, SN (Berea);

Middle, seated:  D/Lt/C Brian Logan, SN (Akron.; D/Lt Rich Kushnir, AP (Rocky River); Cdr Jane Kushnir, AP (Rocky River); Bonnie Sudomir (Akron); D/C Liz Glassell, AP (Rocky River); P/C Jan Stein, AP (Berea); D/Lt Emogene Eriksson, P (Berea) ; Lt Eleonore Spencer, S (Berea)

Bottom (center): Lt Coralee Logan, S (Akron)

With four vessels and 20 members, District 7 was the second or third largest contingent on the cruise, next to the host District.  D-7 loves boating !