Kelley's is a favorite island destination.  Steeped with history, the island features restaurants, pubs, marinas, and lots of old architecture.

For a great dinner, try Fresch's Island House.  For a pitcher of Brandy Alexanders, go to the Village Pump.  The "Winking Lizard" is there for casual dining.

Rent a bike and check out the Glacier Grooves, the largest example on the earth. While you're there, take a dip in the North Bay, picnic under the trees, or take one of their nature trails.

We love Kelley's!
Kelley's Island
Fossilized gastropod seen in limestone formation at Kelley's
Adam and Katie at the Glacier Grooves
Joe and Jackie picnic with Brian (Coralee on the camera)
Bat's Wings at anchor in Kelley's North Bay
North Bay beach and anchorage