Captain Brian Logan
Brian has been sailing for over 30 years.  

He started in a  Porpoise, similar to a sunfish.  He got interested in racing one summer, when he crewed on a friend's Thistle.

Soon he bought a Laser II, which he raced in the Portage Lakes in Akron, Ohio.

In 1986 he bought a 16-year-old Columbia 26 sailboat, which he sailed on Lake Erie for seven years.  

In 1992 he traded-in the Columbia for his Dragonfly 800 trimaran, Bats Wings.  He chose a trimaran because its higher speed would allow him to reach more distant ports in a day.  

Brian and Coralee sold the Dragonfly in 2005, and in the fall of 2005, they bought a Maine Cat 30 catamaran in New York City.  They brought it back to Sandusky, with the help of two friends, via the Erie Canal in May 2006.  

Brian and Coralee mostly cruise the western end of Lake Erie.  His son Adam and sister Nancy join him whenever they can, as does Coralee's daughter Lori and granddaughter River.  Their other sailing companion for many years, a dog named Beanie, had 16 years on the water, and was famous in Lake Erie Multihull racing circles.  He is missed...

Brian has been a member of the United States Power Squadron since 1987.  He holds a Full Certificate, meaning he has completed all the courses the Power Squadron offers.  

Brian has been teaching courses for Akron Power Squadron since 1990, including Sail, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Weather, and Instructor Qualification.  He currently teaches Sail and AP.   In 2016, Brian was recognized by USPS with the “Chapman Award for Excellence in Teaching,” one of five instructors recognized nationally in 2016.

He served as Squadron Educational Officer for three years, and served as Akron's Commander in 2002-3.

He also served on the USPS District 7 Bridge and was District Commander in 2006-2007.

In 1999, Brian received his US Coast Guard Captain's license.  He was upgraded to a 50 ton Master's License in 2004.
Brian loves all kind of sailing, and is shown sailing his radio controlled Laser at his marina. 
And, he loves a good pot of coffee!
Boblo Island, c. 1950...
    ...Brian (at helm) shows an early flair for boating