Bat's Wings
Bat's Wings is a Dragonfly 800 sailboat, made by Quorning Boats in Denmark.  It is a 26 foot long trimaran, which means it has three hulls, a central hull with crew quarters, and two outboard hulls or floats called "amas".  

The term ama comes from the polynesian boat builders who perfected multihulls for the exploration and colonization of the Pacific, hundreds of years ago.

Dragonfly makes a line sailboats from 20' (the 600), 31' (the 920), 33' (the 1000), and a new 36' model, the 1200.

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Here's Bat's Wings in racing trim, with her large asymmetrical spinnaker, flown from a 5' carbon fiber bowsprit.

This increases her sail area dramatically.

Bat's Wings top speed (so far) is 16.5 knots, just under 19 mph.

Bat's Wings enters 3-4 races a year on Lake Erie.  Here are her results:

1995    1st Place   Sandusky Islands Race (52 miles)
2nd Place  Kelley's Island Triangle (30 miles)
3rd Place   Green Island Race (17 miles)
1996    2nd Place  Sandusky Islands Race (52 miles)
1st Place   Put-In-Bay Race (16 miles)
3rd Place  Green Island Race (17 miles)
1997    2nd Place  Sandusky Islands Race (52 miles)
2000    3rd Place   Sandusky Islands Race (36 miles)
            2nd Place  Port Clinton Race (16 miles)
2001    3rd Place   Port Clinton Race (16 miles)
The Dragonfly is a fast, comfortable, well-finished yacht.   It sleeps 2 comfortably (room for 4). While it is not as roomy as a conventional sail boat, it sails faster and handles like a dream.   A trimaran is like a sports car, compared to a standard sedan.