General VHF Radio Properties and Procedures

VHF is the primary radio for Coastal and Inland Boaters.   It's main purpose is safety
It provides:

The VHF Radio range is Line of Sight – 25 nautical miles is the typical maximum range.   The actual range is based on

All boats within that range will hear your transmission

Two types of VHF Radio:

Fixed Mount

Hand held

Procedures for Routine Call

Make initial contact at low power - Use high power only if necessary

.Example   -   Island Girl calling Blue Goose

VHF Voice Radio Channels

06   -   Ship to Ship Safety
09   -   Alternate Calling Channel – some areas
13   -   Navigation Safety – ship to ship, locks, bridges
16   -   Calling, Emergency, Distress
22A -   Use only when directed by Coast Guard
68, 69, 71, 72, 78  -  Working Channels for Recreational Boats
WX1, WX2, … WX9  -  Weather (receive only)
"Local" VHF Voice Radio Channels

09   -   Huron Boat Basin
10 / 16   -   Put In Bay Boardwalk / Water Taxi
68   -   All Canadian Marinas  (at least around Lake Erie)
68   -   Portside Marina, Kelley's Island
71   -   Middle Bass Island State Park Marina
16 / 69   -   Put In Bay Public Docks

Distress Call  -  "Mayday"  -    Make on Channel 16
Example of Mayday Call

                                                       Please state the nature of your distress and your postiion...Over   
                                                 Listen and respond to Coast Guard Instructions

If you hear a Mayday Call,  Stand by:
Other types of Calls  - 
Pan-Pan,  Pan-Pan,  Pan-Pan...This is Island Girl....Over 

Se-cur-i-tay,  Se-cur-i-tay,  Se-cur-i-tay...This is Island Girl....Over 

VHF Radio License Requirements

Liscensing required for Foreign Travel

1.  Ship Station License

2.  Operator Permit

  Contact FCC -