Akron Sail and Power Squadron 
 Sail Course Contents


1.  Sailboat Rigs
2.  Sail Plans
3.  Boat Design and Hull Types
4.  Standing Rigging
5.  Sails
6.  Running Rigging
7.  Stability
8.  Balance
9.    Wind
10.  Sail Shape
11.  Preparing to Sail
12.  Tuning the Rig
13.  Steering and Helmsmanship
14.  Sailing Upwind
15.  Sailing Downwind
16.  Spinnaker Handling
17.  Heavy Weather
18.  Storm conditions
19.  Docking and Anchoring
20.  Marlinspike
21.  Sailing Safety
22.  Navigation Rules

Sail starts with the fundamentals, describing the characteristics of sail boats and their different "parts".  

It then talks about the forces involved in sailing - stability, balance, and wind forces.

It’s enough to get you out on the water and sail from Point A to Point B.  Also, it’s a good way for non-sailors to get an introduction to this great sport.