Brands West Dock - Navigational Info

Navigational Info:

Proceed up the Portage River.  Drawbridge is approximately .7 NM past river entrance.

Portage River entrance approximately
L  41°31.15’ N
Lo 82°56.15’ W

Brands West Dock

Dock numbers are at the end of each dock.
Drawbridge Marina is past the drawbridge to Starboard
Pass the lighthouse marking the main section of Brand's Marina.  This is also to starboard.  We aren't staying at this location.
Pass the boat houses to starboard.  This is also part of Brand's Marina. 
After the boat houses, and after you pass R"2" marking the channel in the river, you come to a stone jetty. 

The channel to West Dock is on the other side.

Once past the jetty, turn to starboard.  The channel runs parallel to the jetty. 
The channel is marked with red and green buoys.

Red is kept to starboard.  (The green buoys are not visible in this photo.  They are off to the left.)

Turn to port at the end of this channel (before you hit the floating house !)
After turning to port, the channel continues to be  marked with red and green buoys.

There are many trees to your starboard. 
At the end of these trees, turn to starboard to enter the marina.

Our docks are on the left.
Aerial View (looking east) shows the route to the marina.  (Photo by