Voyage of PAX
This is a Blog about helping Doug Thomas take his 46' Uniflite, "PAX", Through the Welland, Oswego, and Erie Canals to Kingston, New York, on the Hudson River.

Sept 11 to Sept 14 - Geneva to Erie - Stopover in Erie
The winds were light when we left Geneva State Park Marina by 0920, after filling with 125 gallons of diesel and a pumpout. (Cap’n Doug figures we’re burning 12.8 gallons an hour at our cruising speed of 10 kts.)

While the morning was bright and sunny, the forecast was for storms in late afternoon. As it turns out, we beat the storms, and had another one of those delightful trips, without much wind. We entered Erie Harbor and tied up at Wolverine Marina, the downtown marina that specializes in transient dockage.  

After tying up PAX, we walked to the Smuggler’s wharf restaurant at Dobbins Landing, just a couple of blocks from the marina. I remember the restaurant from our trip 15 years ago, and Doug said he thought he remembered it from the ‘80’s.

One thing that has changed from our last stay, 10 years ago, is the construction of the new Bayfront Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel. The hotel is across the marina entrance from the convention center, and a 64’ bridge spans the entrance from the center to the hotel.

Doug at the helm - a picture of concentration
Weather is building behind us - we're trying to make Erie before the storms
Presque Isle Light - on the peninsula protecting Presque Isle Bay
Erie Harbor Pierhead Light at the entrance to Presque Isle Bay and Erie.  Looks like we beat the storms
The narrow entrance to Presque Isle Bay and Erie.  Coast Guard Station to starboard.  Oh by the way, "No Wake" zone
Sheraton Inn and Bayfront Convention Center - pedestrian walkway bridge over the marina entrance (left of photo) - 64' vertical clearance.  This was all built since our trip in "Island Girl" in 2006
Pax tied up at Wolverine Marina - by the way - this is the same slip we had with Island Girl when Coralee, Bill Harris, Joe Sudomir, and I brought her back through the Erie Canal in 2006
We walked to the waterfront and had appetizers at the Smuggler's Wharf.  Doug remembers this from the '80's, and Coralee and I ate here in 2003 when we sailed down in "Bat's Wings"
Friday Sept 12

It rained pretty much all night and into the next day.  Doug, Dick, Linda and Brian put  on their rain gear and walked over to the Erie Maritime Museum, about 3 blocks from the marina. Definitely worth the price of admission ($8 for seniors).  We were lucky and got a guided tour from a very knowledgeable volunteer.

The Niagara was not in Port but was expected Monday. As of now, we are still not sure the winds will lay down for our next leg, Port Colborne.

After the museum we walked 4-5 blocks to Pufferbelly’s, on French St, an old Fire Station. (No relation to the one in Kent). Beautiful place.

That night, Mary Jane’s son Chris and his wife Jeanette drove up to see us and drove us to dinner at the Sandbar restaurant. After dinner, they took some of us to the casino.
Very interesting displays in the museum.  In the background is a recreated side of the ship, which had actual cannon balls and muskets shot at it, to demonstrate the damage that various shells would do to the hull.
Linda, Dick, and Doug at Pufferbelly's
Sunday, Sept 13

The weather forecast was for high winds and waves, so we decided to stay in Erie today.  

Chris and Jeanette took MJ and Linda shopping for provisions. When they returned, we went to dine at “Joe Root’s” a seafood restaurant named after a Presque Isle settler from the late 1800’s and, apparently, quite a character.  

Following the meal, we headed out to Presque Isle, and saw how rough it was. Our skipper made a good call by staying into port today!

Joe Root's Seafood
Chris, Doug, Jeanette, Linda, Dick, and Mary Jane at "Joe Roots"
Rough waters off the Presque Isle beach.
Later we checked-out a local bar where mostly boaters hang out.  The owner also owns an upscale bar in the Sheraton, "Rum Runner's II" 
Sign at the end of the dock by "Rum Runners" reminds patrons to leave their drink on the dock before stepping or diving into the water!
Sept 14 - Erie, Pa

Today it was pretty nice in Erie. The temperature was great, but we had fairly high winds and waves, so we elected to stay in port one more day and leave for Port Colborne tomorrow.

Erie has a free trolley that makes the loop between the waterfront and the Amtrak station, 14 blocks and about a mile and a half away.

We rode for a complete loop, then got off halfway to the waterfront, to explore some of the restaurants and bars in the area. Erie is a college town (Gannon University), so we expected to see a number of establishments that catered to college students.

We sampled several of them, before returning to PAX for dinner. Doug set up his grill so we could have steaks, and I finished off the (vegetarian) stuffed peppers from the other night.

Doug samples a beverage at "Jekyll & Hyde's"
Dressed to grill
Sept 11 to Sept 14 - Geneva to Erie - Stopover in Erie