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Experienced Boater
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Experienced Boaters!

Are you ready to take the plunge by joining United States Power Squadrons®? USPS is “America’s Boating Club” and a leader in promoting recreational
boating safety.

Membership in USPS can offer you the following benefits and opportunities and much more.

If USPS sounds like your kind of organization, read further to see how easily you can become a member.

How the Experienced Boater Express program works

If you have previously completed a qualifying safe boating course, through United States Power Squadrons, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, or completed another NASBLA-approved boating safety course, you are already eligible to join!

Contact Akron Power Squadron at 330-864-2820, or send us an e-mail, at [email protected], and we’ll start you through the process.

If you haven’t completed the course, you are invited to apply for expedited membership through our Experienced Boater Program.

This program recognizes that many experienced boaters have already mastered the fundamentals of safe boating.  By demonstrating your qualifications through our Skills Evaluation program, you can enjoy the benefits of USPS membership sooner !

There are four easy steps to membership our Experienced Boater Program:

1. If you have been invited to join as an “Experienced Boater” by a friend, relative, or another USPS member, that person can guide you through the process.

   If you don’t have a contact, please call Akron Power Squadron at 330-864-2820, or or send us an e-mail, at [email protected]

2. When you are ready, contact your local USPS representative to schedule your knowledge evaluation at a convenient time and place.

In preparation for this evaluation, you may wish to review the topics covered. If you do, your local contact can arrange for you to obtain a copy of the Squadron Safe Boating manual. This manual provides a convenient way to review the appropriate topics and will ease your way through the process.

Or, follow this link (or the blue button at the top of this page) for a review of the materials for the evaluation.

3. Complete your evaluation process. It should take an hour or less.

4. Complete a membership application and pay the modest applicable fees. That’s it! You are on your way to enjoying all that USPS has to offer!

Outside the Akron area?

Call USPS at 888-FOR-USPS and ask about the Experienced Boater Program, or visit the USPS web site: www.USPS.org.   Use the Contact USPS link to request help with the Experienced Boater Program.

United States Power Squadron®

The United States Power Squadron is the world's largest private, non-profit, boating organization.  Established in 1914, USPS has some 60,000 members organized into 450 squadrons across the country and in US territories.

USPS is a family boating organization dedicated to boating education, civic service, and just plain fun! Our members operate sail, power, and paddle boats. Boat ownership is not a requirement.

Our members enjoy:

Advanced Educational Courses:

Piloting  Sailing
Electronic Navigation    Cruise Planning
Celestial NavigationEngine Maintenance
  Marine Electronics

Social Activities including:

Cruises, Rendezvous, Family Outings, Boating Races, and Contests.

Civic Service Activities including:

Educating boaters for safety, teaching fellow members, and volunteer vessel safety inspections

Membership to the USPS means:

    -  Special Marine Insurance
    -  Affinity Credit Card Program
    -  Port Captain Program

Join Us And Fly The Ensign That Shows Others You Are A Knowledgeable Boater.

Akron Power Squadron, founded in 1939, 
is one of the largest Squadrons in the country. 

More than 250 members enjoy a complete schedule of educational, social, and civic activities.