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District 7
America’s Boating Club®

District Commander's Challenge

The purpose of the District 7 Commander’s Challenge Award is to recognize those Squadrons that have excelled by increasing total membership, educational completions and member involvement.

This recognition is patterned after the National USPS Bowsprit Program.

Each Squadron program goal is based on the Squadron's actual performance for the preceding twelve months, ending 31 December. 

The District Commander's Challenge started under P/D/C Elizabeth Glassell, AP.  The criteria have been simplified to reflect the USPS Bowsprit Program.

GOAL #1 Total Active Membership

GOAL # 2 Total Boating and BoatSmart registrations

GOAL #3 Educational Program Graduates Exceeding Prior Year

GOAL #4 Total Active Membership Retention

GOAL #5 Total Vessel Safety Checks [VSC]

GOAL #6 Total Cooperative Charting credits

Full details of criteria listed in word document
Contact D/C Brian Logan, SN, for more info